About YSPI and our Youth Suicide Prevention Work

Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland was founded in 2007 and is a registered Irish Charity (RCN 20070670 CHY18438). Our founding aim was to create a charity working to prevent suicide amongst the young people of Ireland specifically.

Now in our eighth year we have a number of youth projects running this year that really need your support.

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YSPI School & College Visits Programme 2016

Four Steps for Schools is Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland's main youth education outreach programme for 2016. Our School and College Visits Programme is an educational programme that supports dedicated Schools Outreach Teams who provide our "Four Steps to Help" Suicide Awareness and Prevention talks for schools and interested organisations.  As you can imagine providing suicide awareness and prevention information directly to young people in a safe and supportive environment are critical to helping to reduce that frighteningly high rates of youth suicide in Ireland.

With your help we can increase the number of talks that we are able to provide and this vital service to more schools, colleges and youth organisations.

Our Four Steps to Help Programme has been specifically developed by YSPI and approved by our Advisory Board as age appropriate for ages 16+ which allows us to provide a frontline service to young people.  These talks are 100% funded by YSPI as part of our outreach work and there is no cost to the school or organisation to book and host a talk.


The Four Steps to Help Programme

The Four Steps to Help Programme focuses on providing a simple way to help develop awareness of youth suicide prevention, four simple steps that will allow any of us to:become more aware of our friends, peers and those around us everyday

  • recognise the warning signs of suicidal and pre-suicidal behaviours
  • ask the right questions at the right time
  • know when to seek help for ourself or others

 The Four Step Programme provides young people with the information needed to follow the four steps to help,Watching - Showing - Asking - Helping, which could allow them to recognise pre-suicidal warning signs,react to them and take action in time to save a life.

For more information please visit www.foursteptohelp.com




FreeText Crisis Assistance Service

Since Spring 2014 YSPI has been providing a free to text crisis assistance service for people at risk of suicide or those concerned about friends or family.  The service provides contact numbers and simple suicide prevention information and is totally free of charge to use.  Our FreeText code 50015 can be texted even if you have no credit.

Our Freetext service has been a great success and we receive a high volume of texts every day. This vital service is not cheap to run and we receive no state support so if you can join our 24-Hour fast and raise even a few euro to keep the service running it would be greatly appreciated.

For more information please visit http://yspi.eu/index.php/how-we-help/freetext-information-service



Say the 'S' Word Campaign

The Say the 'S' Word Campaign focuses on the reluctance of many adults, and some young people, to discuss suicide or even mentioned the dreaded 'S' word. It is vital to realise that TALKING ABOUT SUICIDE DOESN'T MAKE IT HAPPEN!

So we have commissioned a comic strip to stimulate discussion and engage adults and young people in being open to talking about 'S'uicide. Young people need to know and understand that they can turn to their parents or other trusted adult in their life and talk about the issues facing them without fear of rejection or reluctance to discuss a particular subject. Often this process can begin by taking a simple step like saying the 'S' word: Suicide.

The Say the 'S' Word Campaign provides information on how to talk with adults, and how adults should talk with young people, when they are trying to discuss concerns. The campaign comic strip is available as a poster and is being sent out to schools and colleges with notes on discussion plans for lessons so that it can be the focus for class or group discussions on the issues around youth suicide.

For more information please vist www.saythesword.eu. To download the Say the 'S' Word comic strip please click here

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